I’m so scared for my country right now.


This isn’t that hard to believe, given the election that just happened. Seeing the photos of women’s reactions to Trump’s win breaks my heart.


(Photo taken from this Instagram user.)

How people could disregard the rights of their mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, granddaughters, etc. by voting for President-Elect Trump absolutely disgusts me. I understand that President-Elect Trump is charismatic, saying the things that people want to hear, but there are other former leaders of nations that were charismatic and led their countries into times of despair. But, that is a story for another time.

I have friends who told me they DID NOT VOTE as a protest of the election. I respect that decision, as each person can choose to abstain from voting, but, while done with the best intentions, this contributed to where many are now in this nation–afraid for the future.

Mass abstention from voting has worked in other countries, I’ll give you that. In the circumstance that I am aware of (thanks to one of my classmates), only 1% of the nation’s eligible population voted because no one approved of either of the candidates, calling for the country to pretty much have a re-do of the election.

However, there is no way that this could work in our nation.

The main reason is that our country’s election system is not set up in a way that this would work. There would inevitably be people from every state that would vote, and there would be fewer people’s voices that would be counted, under the same practice that is currently held. It’s kind of the antithesis of what the people would be wanting to happen.

The next concern is that there would have to be a majority of the country that approved of neither major-party candidate, as well as all of the other options out there. There were many people who did approve of one of the major party candidates, whichever side one chose to agree with. People who feel any type of way about one candidate or another are going to vote, as long as there are opposing views. People who are apathetic, however, are not.

I don’t understand how people could be apathetic about the person who is going to be leading our country. How can you not care about the country we live in enough to have an opinion? How can you not care about your country to write in ridiculous candidates like Harambe, knowing that your vote would count for nothing?

Even more, I do not understand how there are so many people who would support someone that completely disregards anyone who is not a white heterosexual Christian cis-gender male.

There is a difference between crying because you are sad that the candidate you supported did not win and crying because you are afraid that the rights you have as a citizen of a nation will potentially be rescinded because you are not a white heterosexual Christian cis-gender male. People are crying for the latter reason.

That scares me beyond belief.

I’ve seen the map showing how young people would vote in this election–the same one that people have been seeing all over social media as how people actually voted. In truth, this is actually from before the election, and was used as a projection tool, as described here.  That gives me hope.

(Photograph taken from this tweet.)

The results of this election won’t stop me from promoting social change.

There are still things that can be done.

If people thought I was an angry feminist bitch before now, that’s nothing compared to the next four years, folks!

I’m promising to support all women, all minorities, all of the LGBTQIA+ individuals, and every disadvantaged person in this country—no matter what President-Elect Trump does once January 20th comes to pass.

I hope you join me.



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